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WMAP Institutions

The flight hardware and software are produced in a partnership between the Goddard Space Flight Center and Princeton University, under the scientific supervision of a team whose institutions also include Johns Hopkins University, UCLA, U. Chicago, UBC, and Brown. The Principal Investigator is Dr. Charles L. Bennett of JHU.

NASA/Goddard Link
Princeton Link

Johns Hopkins
Chucago University Link
University of British Columbia Link
Brown University Link


Current WMAP Science Team
Member Current Institution
Charles L. Bennett (PI) Johns Hopkins University
Joanna Dunkley University of Oxford
Michael Greason NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Ben Gold Johns Hopkins University
Mark Halpern University of British Columbia
Robert Hill NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Gary Hinshaw University of British Columbia
Norman Jarosik Princeton University
Al Kogut NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Eiichiro Komatsu Univ. of Texas, Austin
David Larson Johns Hopkins University
Michele Limon Columbia University
Stephan Meyer University of Chicago
Michael Nolta University of Toronto
Nils Odegard NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Lyman Page Princeton University
Kendrick Smith Princeton University
David N. Spergel Princeton University
Greg Tucker Brown University
Janet Weiland NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Ed Wollack NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
Edward L. (Ned) Wright University of California- Los Angeles


Past WMAP Team Members
Member Current Institution
Chris Barnes Princeton University
Rachel Bean Cornell University
Olivier Doré JPL/California Institute of Technology
Hiranya Peiris University College London
Licia Verde University of Barcelona
Dave Wilkinson Princeton University


Major WMAP Hardware Suppliers
Item Source
Launch Vehicle
Med-Lite Delta II 7425-10 Boeing
High Electron Mobility Transistor (HEMT) amplifiers NRAO
Microwave feeds Princeton
Microwave differencing assemblies Princeton
Instrument electronics boxes Goddard/ Litton
Optical assembly with thermal radiator Programmed Composites Inc.
Structural/thermal system
Instrument support/thermal structure Goddard
Spacecraft support/thermal structure Goddard
Gamma-alumina instrument support cylinder Structural Composites Industries
Attitude system
Optical star tracker Lockheed Martin
Type E reaction wheels Ithaco Inc.
Gyro Kearfott Inc.
Coarse and digital Sun sensors Adcole Aerospace
Attitude control electronics Goddard/ Litton
Power system
Battery Eagle-Picher Industries, Inc.
Solar panels Tecstar Inc.
Power system electronics Goddard/ Litton
Data system
Command & Data Handling Goddard
Flight software Goddard
Data processing software Goddard/ Princeton / UCLA/ Chicago
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