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WMAP Publications

POST-LAUNCH Publications

COBE to WMAP Sky Morph Postcard front
COBE to WMAP Fact Card (2007)
Lenticular animation morphs the blurry COBE sky to the sharp WMAP sky!
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WMAP Poster (2002) icon
Science Reports (2003, 2007, 2010)
Hardcore science papers on the mission results.
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WMAP Poster (2002) icon
WMAP Poster (2002)
First year results displayed in a double-sided poster.
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Fun Fact Cards (2002)
Four fun fact postcards describing various aspects of the WMAP Mission.
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MAP Fact Sheet icon
WMAP Fact Sheet (2002)
Two pages of essential information about WMAP and its mission.
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PRE-LAUNCH Publications

WMAP Poster Front
WMAP Poster (1998)
This digital version is updated with the latest data as of Oct. 2000.
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WMAP business card front
WMAP Business Card (1998)
Brief description of the WMAP mission and web address for further information.
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