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The Universe Evolves the First Stars
Universe Evolution
Evolving the Universe, from the Cosmic Microwave Background to now.
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Fingerprinting the Universe
Universe Fingerprinting
The content of the Universe is like a fingerprint - one we can detect.
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Leaving the Milky Way Galaxy
Journey to the Big Bang
Take a journey from the tiny WMAP spacecraft back to the beginnings of the universe.
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Different Ripples in Different Mediums
Cosmic Ripples
Ripples in the Cosmic Microwave Background can be compared to the ripples in fluids.
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Viewing the Sky from Earth
Wavelengths from the Sky
See where the WMAP sky image is found.
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Sample Geometries
Geometry of the Universe
See how WMAP detects the shape of space.
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Early CMB pattern
Early Universe CMB Simulation
A 10 degree patch of the sky as it would have appeared between 100 years and 379,000 years after the big bang.
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Viewing the Sky from Earth
COBE to WMAP sky
A COBE morph to WMAP sky map with the galaxy signal removed.
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