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COBE Satellite Model
COBE Satellite Model

A series of photos of the model, made before the COBE Launch. They should be good enough to decipher the needed measurements for the intrepid model maker (a ruler has been placed in most of the photos.)

This model was created before the COBE satellite was actually built, so you will need to look to the painting and the construction photo included in the archive file for more details.


1.Tthis model was created at 1/16th scale.

2. The cone shield does not have the proper material covering- see the painting and construction photo.

3. The supports between the cone shield and the instrument are there for the sturdiness of the model. They are not actual parts of the satellite

4. You can find a few more details by visiting the COBE slide set page on the LAMBDA Archive site.

Credit: NASA / COBE Science Team

ZIP Archive (6.89 MB)

WMAP # 081001

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