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John Mather Interview (top)
Workers construct COBE (bottom)
COBE B-Roll Segments

Archive video segments from a 1999 Highlight tape on the COsmic Background Explorer Mission (COBE). COBE Proved there was a CMB signature worth studying, thus paving the way for the WMAP mission.These were produced prior to the COBE lanch in 1989.

Top: Short Version of The Cosmic bacground Explorer documentary. A description of the Cosmic Microwave Bacground and the COBE mission.

Credit: NASA Goddard

Duration: 2:46 minutes

Available formats:
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640 x 480 (29.95fps) QT -Available

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Bottom: B-Roll footage of spacecraft construction and space animations.

Credit: NASA Goddard

Duration: 1:12 minutes

Available formats:
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640 x 480 (29.95fps) QT -Available

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WMAP # 101115
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